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Good Afternoon!


Thanksgiving is upon us, and I am thankful. I am thankful for a lot. I am thankful for the opportunity to invest in your children's lives. I am thankful for their willingness to share and to take risks with their learning. I am thankful for their participation, and their excitement when they finally understand something that they have been working on for awhile. I am thankful for parents who support and encourage their children, who sign agendas, answer questions, check homework, and communicate with me. I am thankful for teachers who inspire me to be better and do better every day. I am thankful for a break, to rest and recharge with my family so that I can come back ready to push through the next crazy month!


After break, we will be working on our Islam in the Middle Ages unit in ELA. We will be studying the life of Mohammad and how Islam was founded. We do a very brief overview of what they believe. Please know that I always approach this study through a historical perspective, and will remind your students that it is important to study the history of it, and to learn about different beliefs and cultures. We will talk about how these are things some people believe, and that they may or may not agree with it, but we will learn it because it is important to learn what other people think and believe.


We will spend the rest of November and December firming up our knowledge of fractions, and reviewing the concepts we have learned earlier in the year. I find that the long time spent on fractions gives them a solid understanding for later on in the year and in fifth grade, when they start multiplying and dividing fractions.


I hope that you are able to join us for the Thanksgiving Feast on Thursday. I look forward to seeing all of you there!




Mrs. Ramey


Wow! these first weeks have flown by!


First of all, I would like to thank you for your support at home on the homework. I am finally seeing more homework being completed. I know it was a bit of a rough transition to the expectations of fourth grade, and the work load, but I promise that your students will be better prepared for future years because of it! 


In ELA, we have completed our first unit on Personal Narratives, and are finishing up our second unit on the Middle Ages over this week and next. I anticipate we will finish up right as the quarter ends. We will finish up October with the Poetry Unit and then a unit on Islam in the Middle Ages, and the study of the historical record on that time period and the region.


In Math, we will work through the end of October on multiplication and division. These are such foundational topics for students to understand, that I plan extra time and take time to develop deep understanding of the concepts. The rewards will pay off in the future! I am finding that students are struggling with knowledge of their multiplication facts however, and would love for you to support that at home by quizzing your student on them at night. It doesn't have to be anything formal, just throw out random multiplication facts problems as you are driving to and from places, build it into exercise (counting by fours instead of 1s), play games with it. Have fun and make it interesting! The better they know them, the easier math becomes, and the faster they can do the calculations, makes math less tedious and exhausting. Their brains can focus on the concepts rather than getting held up with the calculations.


In Social Studies, we are wrapping up our study of the regions of California. Students will be making Salt-Dough maps this week, and then painting them next week. You should expect to see these come home around conference time. From here, we will be doing a little bit of Native American studies in California, and then onto Missions!


We have yet to hit any science. I spend the fall doing Social Studies and the spring teaching science. Look for that to start after Christmas break unless something changes.


Conferences are coming up the third week of October. I do them a little differently, in that I require the students to be present, and to lead the conference! Look for more information on those coming home this week.


Please do not hesitate to contact me if you should have any questions or concerns. 




Mrs. Ramey


Welcome to fourth grade at Paragon Collegiate Academy!

We are off to a fast start already this year! We have begun both ELA and Math units and are making quick progress. Students have learned so many of our routines and procedures. 


If you have not already done so, please sign up for our class Remind program. You send a text message to: 81010 (phone number) with the message: @d91c7. You will get a text back if you have done it correctly asking for your name and to confirm you want to join. This will allow you to receive the updates I send out periodically with reminders about things for the class. 


I am enjoying your children and look forward to a great year.


Mrs. Ramey


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