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Contact Us

You can contact our staff in the following ways:

  1. General Email -
  2. Email specific people by clicking on the envelope next to the individual listings to the right
  3. Phone - (530) 742-2505
  4. Fax - (530) 763-5772
  5. Mail - P.O. Box 6055 Marysville, CA 95901
  6. In Person - 1945 Sampson Street, Marysville, California 95901 

​Our office hours are:

Monday - Friday 7:30am - 4:00pm

Staff members
Contact Kristin Decker  Kristin Decker (530) 742-2505 4th Grade Teacher
Contact Valarie Farrell  Valarie Farrell Administrative Assistant
Contact Katrina Gann  Katrina Gann (530) 742-2505 7th Grade Teacher / ELA
Contact Madison Hudson  Madison Hudson Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Becky O'Connor  Becky O'Connor (530) 742-2505 6th Grade Teacher - Science/Social Studies
Contact Melissa Overmire  Melissa Overmire Nutrition/Afterschool Director
Contact Kaylee Poppinga  Kaylee Poppinga 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Heidi Ramey  Heidi Ramey Principal
Contact Shelle Sims  Shelle Sims 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Dave Sisk  Dave Sisk (530) 742-2505 2nd Grade Teacher
Contact Kimberly Sweeney  Kimberly Sweeney 8th Grade Teacher - Math